Package Builder for Productized Services (Google Sheet)

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At PubLoft, we built this to be able to quote accurate prices LIVE on client demo calls. It allowed us to close 2x more business directly on calls, without having to send complicated proposals and then follow up several more times to close clients. 😉

Here’s what you can do with this puppy:

📝 Customize your own list of services & base unit pricing

🤑 Set bulk discount percentages that apply across the board 

🚀 Build custom packages for clients LIVE during sales calls, and instantly quote total prices AND how much they save by buying a package instead of one-off projects. 

“It’s amazing how many sales are lost simply because the salesperson never asked the prospect to buy. The prospect is ready. They have their credit card in their hand. They are waiting to be shown where to swipe, and… the salesperson says nothing.” 


Close more deals with this template!

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Pre-filled content marketing services and industry pricing
Bulk discount calculator for 1-4 and 4+ units
Package builder
Comments throughout to guide you
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