Notion Personal Website Template (Fully interactive Notion setup with “symbol” blocks)

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I’ve spent countless hours building my own personal website ( and I want to save you from having to do the same thing. 

If you love building stuff on Notion, and want to save hours of work, this template is for you. 

Perhaps the most valuable part of this template is the Master Stylesheet: 

This is what transforms your collection of Notion pages into an engaging, interactive website. It lets you instantly update content across your entire website, create consistent styles, and grab the links necessary to add these blocks to new pages you create. 

It’s only a matter of time before Notion officially supports global blocks, but until then we can hack it together ourselves! 😀

Publishing & hosting your Notion website

I’m also including instructions for hosting your Notion website yourself, or using paid services. 

As well as my paid services to help you do it. 👍

I want this!
Home, Portfolio, Blog, Contact
Master stylesheet & dynamic blocks that update everywhere at once
Need help?
Instructions included! Plus, you can pay me to set it up for you if you want.
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